What We Do

Bravo provides a variety of programs and services in the area of Surrey/Delta served by Community Living BC to a target population of individuals with a mild to moderate Developmental Disability with co-existing complex mental health and/or challenging behavioral needs.

1. Staffed Residential
2. Agency Co-ordinated Shared Living
3. Community Inclusion
4. Skill Development

Our Agency Co-ordinated Shared Living program provides a network of Agency approved Home Sharing Providers who are prepared to accept placements of individuals of the target client population. This involves Agency approved caregivers sharing their home and family life with individuals; while supporting them to achieve the goals, interests, and improve their quality of life. The Agency provides recruitment, supervision, monitoring, information sharing and a pooling of resources to support the network. The Agency will also provide relief to the Home Share provider if requested. Prospective providers are screened through a series of written documentation (resume, expression of interest), interviews and at least 5 home site-study visits. Extensive background and professional and personal reference checks are completed. All successful applicants must meet the same Conditions of Employment as Agency employees. Referrals are made by Community Living BC. In some cases, an individual or their stakeholders may request that a specific individual provide the service. In this case, with the approval of CLBC, the individual is screened though the same approval process as outlined above prior to any placement being made.

Our Community Inclusion Program (Community and Home Based) provides service to individuals living in their own homes, the homes of their family/stakeholders, Home Sharing arrangements (internal or external to the agency), and in Staffed Residential Homes. Hours of weekly service are determined in consultation with CLBC/stakeholders/individual (usually 5-25 per week); schedule of service is determined in consultation with the individual. As this service is sometimes referred to as a “Day Program” service delivery hours are usually provided within the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. This service involves supporting many community inclusion activities, chosen by the client or chosen by the staff with clients interests and preferences in mind. It may include supporting employment/volunteer work; but also includes the pursuit of any goals or interests expressed by the individual or outlined in the Individual Support Plan.

Our Skill Development Programs also may be delivered to individuals in any of the above noted living arrangements. This program is similar to Community Inclusion, but is more oriented to the achievement of life skills although community inclusion activities can be considered. Some of the pursuits include meal planning, cooking, budgeting, household maintenance, personal shopping, personal care and assistance with any written documentation they must complete.

Our Staffed Residential program provides service to a maximum of two individuals per home. Individuals with complex mental health and high behavioral needs are served by this program. A staffing ratio of one to one is maintained, 24 hours per day. Staff are highly skilled and well experienced in providing service to this group of the target population. The Agency provides a Community Inclusion program for each individual; activities and goals are in line with the Individual Service Plan. Hours of service and schedule are determined by the individuals’ skills, interests, and abilities